Internet's first get out of debt community cares for your financial life

Vikas Kedia

Founder of the community

Vikas Kedia launched the community in 2003

Key Facts:

  • He was in debt and had a tough time in dealing with the creditors/collectors
  • He researched on the collection laws and fought with the collectors
  • He got out of debt and created the Internet's first get out of debt community

Community progress statistics

Year Members  
2013 393910
Community Progress Statistics
2012 390910
2011 239293
2010 204800
2009 139285
2008 102315
2007 60996
2006 24714
2005 2527
2004 11

6 Key features you will enjoy as a community member

  • Participation - Give replies to the financial questions and share your opinion.
  • Cash Rewards - Earn dollars from the community in 8 ways.
  • Recognition - Get ranks and badges through your active contribution.
  • Money management - Track your every penny and manage it through Personal Budgeting Application.
  • Wiki - Become a Wiki contributor to write and share articles.
  • Company listing - Build brand image of your company and widen your client base.
6 Key features

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