What is DebtCC Hall of Fame Club all about?

The DebtCC Hall of Fame Club comprises of members who have been rewarded the title of "Hall of Fame". Every "Hall of Fame" member gets the following awards:

  • Gift check of $100.
  • Gold foil embossed certificate with "bird flying free" logo of yesdebtfree.org.
  • Your name gets recorded in the "Hall of Fame" for generations to come.

How do I qualify for Hall of Fame Club membership?

This is possible by posting in forums and helping community members with your knowledge and suggestions. Once you reach 1000 posts, you can qualify to become a Hall of Fame Club member.

What happens after I qualify as member of Hall of Fame Club?

  • We shall start a thread in the Pub forum with the title "Vote for your name to Hall of Fame member". Once you receive 10 positive votes, you become a member of DebtCC Hall of Fame Club.
  • You need to send us your passport size photograph along with your real name (Full name) via an email.

What is the purpose of Hall of Fame Club?

The purpose of Hall of Fame Club is to honor those individuals who provide helpful support to people when they're in financial problems. It is recognition of the social service they provide in helping others. Moreover, every time a member posts a query in the forum, there are several others who actually benefit from reading the posts.

The DebtCC Hall of Fame Club is a step towards honoring and rewarding our community members for their valuable services. We are proud of our community and hope to come up with further rewards and recognition from time to time.