How to request creditor for debt verification

Debt validation works only with collection agencies and not the original creditor. The only way you can make your original creditor verify your debt is by telling him that you'll sue his company for defamation if he cannot prove that you are actually late on payments or even that you are on the debt account. This is when you need to use debt verification letters. A sample debt verification letter (verification of debt letter) is given below.

The Letter

Your Name

Your Address

Your Phone #

Credit Bureau's Name:

Credit Bureau's Address:


Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Account Number

This letter is to dispute the account referenced above. I have already disputed this information with the credit bureaus .

I have contacted you previously regarding this account, and you have not responded to me. If you cannot verify this information pursuant to the FCRA, and it continues to appear on my credit report, I shall find it necessary to sue you for defamation damages and declaratory relief.

Under the FCRA, a creditor has the responsibility to investigate and verify the information reported to the credit bureaus, and consumers have the right to sue if their request for verification is not complied with.

I look forward to a speedy resolution of this issue.


Your Signature

Your Name