How to make unsolicited offers for debt settlement

Unsolicited offer is an amount that you propose to pay your creditors for settlement of debt prior to discussing it with them. To make the offer on writing, you need an Unsolicited Offer Letter. Check out a sample letter given below.

The Letter

Your Name

Your Address

Your Phone #

Creditor's Name
Creditor's Address

Dear Sir or Madam,

Re: Account Number

This letter is to propose settling my debt in full.

I have been through difficult times with my personal finances. As a result, I haven't been able to make payments on my debts. However, I am now in a better position to take care of my debt with your company. I really appreciate your willingness to help me resolve this issue.

The amount that I propose to pay in order to settle the debt is full is $.I also request that you remove any negative entries from my credit report.

I am currently negotiating with a number of creditors and have even reached agreement to settle a couple of debts. Unfortunately, I have little money available to pay all my creditors. Thus, I will only be able to pay those creditors who are willing to meet my terms.

I doubt whether I'll have enough funds remaining by the end of this month to pay all of my debts. However, I am willing to offer additional money to those creditors who remove negative listings from my credit report.

If you find my terms and conditions acceptable, please sign the attached letter and return a copy to me. Once I receive the copy signed and acknowledged by you, I shall send you a money order in the amount stated above.


Your Signature

Your Name