Letter to the credit bureau requesting for verification

When a disputed item stays on your credit report even after you receive a verified response from the credit bureaus, you should send a letter to the bureaus. Given below is a sample format of the Verification Request Letter to the credit bureaus.

The Letter

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Credit Bureau's Name:

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I sent you a letter requesting you to remove inaccurate information from my credit report. But, I find after reviewing my report with your bureau, that the disputed item is still listed. I request that you describe the procedure adopted to verify this claim, along with the names of the businesses, addresses, and phone numbers of those who have been contacted during this process. This is my right under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

It is disappointing to find a credit bureau does not following the proper procedures and does not maintaining the accuracy norms. I request that you comply with the law and furnish me with the information I've asked for within a period of 15 business days. In addition, I would like to resubmit my request to have these items verified (State the reasons for disputing this negative mark) .


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