How can you negotiate for a settlement?

You should make a counter offer when you’re not satisfied with a job done. Here is a sample settlement letter, for a counter offer, which you can send to your contractor.

The Letter

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Creditor's/Contractor's Name:
Creditor's/Contractor's Address:
Dear Sir / Madam,
Ref. Account Number
In response to the bills sent to me, stating the money I owe you, I'm sending this letter mentioning the exact amount I actually owe you.
I have received your bills, for the last four months, where you've mentioned that I owe you $ for the painting you've delivered. However, this is to notify you that the painting is of poor quality with shoddy and inferior framing along with poor maintenance, which makes it a careless and bad collection. In spite of repeated requests, you have denied to replace the painting with a better one.
Keeping in mind the quality of merchandise I've received, I feel that I don't owe you more than $. Therefore, I would request you to come to a mutual settlement by accepting a check worth $, as the final settlement.
If you cash this check, it will imply that the payment has been made in full and that the check has taken care of the entire pending amount between us.
If you find these terms agreeable, please sign the attached agreement letter and return the copy to me. Upon receipt of this signed acknowledgement agreement, I will send you the check with the above-mentioned amount.

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